Discover the best PADEL CLUBS in MIJAS

The padel clubs in Mijas offers undoubtedly the most balanced point between a complete experience at the best price, the diversity of padel clubs and the high quality standards has made a large number of fans during the years, both local and foreing are passionate about playing here.

The courts and training are affordable for any pocket that want to initiate with padel, the diversity of its clubs make visiting each one a unique and unrepeatable experience, the possibilities are there and open for any type of player, whether beginners or high-performance padel players.

SportsClubTour have all the services you could need for your next padel training in Mijas; friendly matches with local members, mix-ins, professional training lessons, hotel bookings, transport… Discover with us which are the best padel clubs in Mijas area and do not hesitate to call us to start playing in your favourite club.

Cerrado del Aguila Padel Club

Cerrado del Aguila Padel Club

Located in the top of the mountain and in the heart of La Costa del Sol, the Padel Club Cerrado del Aguila is one of the most complete and atractive clubs in Mijas.

Padel Holiday Spain, Mijas

The Lew Hoad Padel and Tennis Club is probably the club with the most beautiful gardens on the Costa del Sol, perfect to come with family or friends.

Riviera Sport Club

The Tennis Club of Riviera Sport Club owns one of the most important tennis school in Spain, if you are a fanatic of padel and tennis it´s just a place to must see.

Racket Club de Mijas

The club for the people of Mijas, if you want to meet locals who play padel tennis and meet new people, in this place you will find a lot of activity.

How I can book an amazing padel training holidays?

It´s simple, let us to know what are the dates that you are whising to come, the númber of participants and some details about the trip profile. We guarantee the best price on the services and accommodation offered in this website, feel free to contact us to get a personalized quote for your next padel experience with SportsClubTour.

You can find more information about our pre-set padel packages here.

Real Padel Club Marbella

Real Club Padel Marbella Camp


Suitable camp for couple, team friends or single players

Perfect camp for large groups of friends and families

Highly recommended for club teams, experienced players and professionals

5-star stay at Guadalpin Banús

Training at Real Club Padel Marbella

Breakfast incl.

Daily padel training

Round Transport from Airport

Marbella Padel Tour


Perfect camp for large groups of friends and families

Highly recommended to club teams.

Stay at luxury villa with stunning sea view

Transport included

3h daily pro-training (average)

Customizable program

Padel training tour

What hotel do we recommend for your next visit to Mijas Costa?

In Mijas you can find different options for your accommodation, but the main ones are the focus on a sea or mountain profile, the options locted in the mountains usually offer a pleasant stay with great views to the sea or to the mountains. The hotels located on the beach have privileged direct views and recommended for the one who like to have an active and social experience due to the accessibility to find shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Eurostar Mijas Golf & Spa


Ilunion Hacienda del Sol


TRH Mijas


La Cala Golf Resort

VIK Gran Hotel Costa del Sol

Gran Hotel Costa del Sol


Hotel IPV Palace


Did you know that Mijas has hold the World Padel Tour from 2017 to 2019?

World Padel Tour Mijas

One the best professional padel tennis events have been held in the town of Mijas every summer. During the first week of August and with the hotel occupancy overflowing, the World Padel Tour players arrive to compete for the best place in the world padel ranking.

During the first stages of the tournament the games are played in the beautiful Padel Club Cerrado del Aguila club, doing a fantastic job promoting this precious sport to all the visitors who are on the Costa del Sol on those days.

When the tournament reaches the quarterfinal, semifinal and final stages, the tournament takes place in La Cala de Mijas, where a temporary stadium is installed in which a much larger capacity can be found, everything is arranged for an exciting event.

The WPT management has decided to change the course of this tournament for 2020 and the event will take place in Malaga Capital, where where it is expected that there will be even a much larger capacity, you can find more information about this event and the tickets here.

What activities can you do after your padel training?

Once you are in Mijas and you have done with your padel training season, it´s time for some fun activities…, here are the ones that what we consider interesting to investigate a bit:

Driving Experiences


If you are looking for activities with a little more adrenaline than padel, one of the most exciting experiences you can do is Mijas is offroad driving with a buggy, this experience will take you through natural areas and with a lot of charm.

Water activities

Sealing in the Mediterranean

Sailing is one of the activities that we consider most appealing when you are in Mijas, the feeling of freedom and contact with the sea makes it an unforgettable experience, especially if you are lucky to meet some dolphins. clic in the button to know more about the routes.

Mountain Bike

Mijas has an exemplary nature and this makes you enjoy a bike ride in the sea one of the best experiences you can enjoy outdoors.

What about going out for a nice lunch or dinner?

One of the destinations to taste the best spanish tapas in the area is La Plaza de los Chinorros, where a varied menu of restaurants and tapas bar are concentrated where choosing what to eat will be a difficult decision to make since it offers many high quality varieties.

if the preference is to taste a good fish, the best recommendations are found in La Carihuela Chica and Los Marinos José, these two restaurants are undoubtedly the best for tasting high-quality Mediterranean fish.

Another option to consider is El Higuerón Restaurant, with incredible views of the city of Fuengirola and the Mediterranean Sea, the modern restaurant offers a more luxurious and daring experience.

Plaza de los Chinorros

La Carihuela Chica

Los Marinos José Restaurante

El Higuerón Restaurante

What about some turism in and out of Mijas?

The community of Mijas is one of the biggest in Spain and there is a lot of opportunities for some tourism:

Mijas Pueblo is the classic old town with the tipical style of spanish a village, is probably one of the greatest places to visit in La Costa del Sol with couple of spots of interest like La Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña and the bullfight arena that worth it to visit.

El Chorro is a village belonging to Álora community (about 1h. driving from Mijas), in El Valle del Guadalhorce that inside a natural reserve, it´s one of the main rock climbing center in Europe due to the localization, the place have an amazing lake where you can have a swim in the turquese water or stop to eat in a restaurant with amazing views to the lake. In El Chorro you can find the popular gorge, El Caminito del Rey, that has pass through the 105 meter high rocks, it was built in 1914 and rebuilt in 2014, not recommended for those fearful of heights.

Among other places, there is also Ronda, this destination is possibly one of the most popular in Málaga, there are several notable tourist areas such as Puente Nuevo de Ronda, Los Baños Arabes, La Plaza de Toros, el Rio Guadalevín with turquoise waters.

Mijas Pueblo

El Caminito del Rey

El Chorro