Adidas Essex Carbon Attack Black LTD Rough

159,90 incl. taxes

Adidas Essex Carbon Attack Black LTD Rough: High performance padel racket made of carbon fiber.

Collection: Limited edition
Shape: Diamond
Balance: High (powerfull)
Weight: 360-375 gr.
Level of game: Professional / Competition
Frame: Carbon
Core composition: Goma EVA Soft
External composition: Rough visible carbon


The Adidas Essex Carbon Attack Black LTD Rough

  • Spectacular shovel with a wide sweet spot of great power, but maintaining great control and spectacular performance.
  • Superficie rugosa para mayor efecto en el golpeo de la bola.
  • Beautiful design in 100% matte visible carbon.
  • Rough surface for greater effect on hitting. EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber, for a great ball output and comfort.
  • Incorporates POWER EMBOSSED RIDGE technology. Lateral ribs in the frame that help to keep the structure uniform in the great stresses to which the blade is subjected when impacting at high speeds.
  • El balance HEAD HEAVY proporciona un punto dulce más elevado. Permite conseguir mayor velocidad en los golpes de ataque.
  • Made entirely with FULL CARBON, which improves the durability of the blade and also provides great comfort and excellent ball control.
  • It is intended for the PRO level player, but due to its great manageability and hitting sensation it is also perfect for any level of play.
  • Profile: 38 mm. – Weight: 360-375 gr. – Carbon Frame and Face – The shovel includes Original Adidas cover