Babolat Viper Carbon 2020

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Babolat Viper Carbon 2020: Power shovel that stands out for its explosiveness, used by the Spanish player number 1 of the WPT, Juan Lebrón.

Collection: 2020
Shape: Diamond
Balance: High (Powerfull)
Weight: 370 gr +/- 10gr.
Level of game: Professional / Competition
Frame: Carbon
Surface: Carbon
Core composition: Rubber EVA Black – very elastic.
External composition:  Rough 3d spin + visible carbon



Shovel presentation

We present you the new Babolat Viper Carbon 2020, a power racket created for the most demanding players looking for a highly manageable racket that provides explosive plays with maximum power and without losing control. A model used by the Spanish player number 1 of the WPT, Juan Lebrón.

Player type

The Babolat Viper Carbon 2020 racket is designed for padel players with a style of play based on power and attack.

Ideal for those who need to get the most out of their game at every point. Its design makes it one of the best options for players with this style of play. With the new Viper Carbon you will dominate the game on the net without losing a bit of control.

Technologies and Features

This blade is in a diamond format and with a profile of 38 mm. It has Full Carbon technology incorporated in the face and frame area. In other words, carbon has been integrated into its entire structure to improve durability and, of course, power with each hit. In this way, a more reactive and explosive blade is obtained. It also features Black EVA rubber in the core.

The 3D SPIN surface relief system helps to obtain a wide variety of effects when hitting the ball. We must also highlight the incorporation of the new Enhanced Carbon to provide an output plus and increase the power of this shovel.

The Dynamic stability system at the heart of the blade increases stability and offers greater solidity. It also has Holes Pattern technology, it is a drilling that increases its performance on the track.

Shovel Summary

The Babolat Viper Carbon 2020 is undoubtedly a power racket that stands out for its explosiveness. Constructed from 100% carbon, it is a highly resistant and durable racket. It guarantees great performance during the most important matches. Conceived for advanced level players, this racket provides the best performance on the market.


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