Bullpadel Hack Control 2020

249,90 incl. taxes

Bullpadel Hack CTR 2020: High performance padel racket for players looking for the perfect compromise between power and control.

Collection: 2020.
Shape: Round shape / Drop.
Balance: Low (control game).
Weight: 365 – 380 gr.
Level of game: Professional / Competition.
Frame: 100% Carbon – High frame durability.
Surface: Carbon fiber 18K.
Core composition: HR3 – high density with more power.
Technologies: Dinamic composite structure – high durability of racket core.


Bullpadel Hack Control 2020

  • The Bullpadel Hack Control shovel is a round-shaped shovel, with maximum control and high performance. It is designed for professional or advanced players. Its outer core is made up of the new Tricarbon combined carbon, its inner core with the new MultiEva rubber and its 100% carbon fiber CarbonTube frame. It has the new Metalshield frame that adapts to the new system of weight plates (not included) CustomWeight that allows you to modify the balance of the racket according to the needs of each player. In addition, it has the Vibradrive system for absorption of vibrations, Hack heart and Nerve channels on the side of the blade frame. In addition, it incorporates the innovative Hesacore grip, which reduces effort, vibrations and the probability of injury.



  • XTEND CARBON 18K: Its outer core is made of Xtend Carbon 18K.
  • CARBON TUBE: Construction of the blade, with TPFCT technology that consists of the construction of the frame of the blade 100% bi-directional interlaced carbon. This construction provides our blades with the maximum mechanical response, guaranteeing a perfect compromise between power and control.
  • MULTIEVA: It has the new Multieva rubber, a new Eva that consists of two densities, the more compact outer layer that helps to print higher speed to power blows and an inner layer of lower density that comes into action in slower movements .
  • VIBRADRIVE: Anti-vibration located in the upper part of the grip of the blade.
  • METALSHIELD: The protector has the new lightweight and resistant aluminum METALSHIELD protector that has compartments to place up to 3 aluminum adhesive plates of 3 grams each (adhesive plates not included). The grip has a cap that can be replaced by another (not included) of 5 or 10 grams. In this way, the player will have 19 grams more to apply on his shovel, being able to adapt it at any time to any variant of the game.
  • NERVE: Hack Heart and Nerve channels on the side of the blade frame that provide great rigidity to the frame favoring control.
  • CUSTOM WEIGHT: Bullpadel Hack CTR 2020 also has the exclusive CUSTOM WEIGHT weight system developed by BULLPADEL that allows the player to modify the weight and balance of the racket to obtain greater control, power or balance. (weights not included).



The new Bullpadel Hack Control 2020 is designed for advanced level players who seek greater control of their already quite powerful hits.