The 6 most common beginners mistakes in padel

The 6 most common beginners mistakes in padel

One important thing for any padel fanatic, even if you are a professional or a beginner, is to identify the aspects to improve in your game, sometimes is difficult to figure out yourself so here is some tips about the 6 most common padel begginers mistakes.

The 6 most common padel beginners mistakes

Do you know which mistakes are the most common in padel tennis? In this post we will enumerate and explain the 6 most common beginners mistakes in padel and show you how to avoid it. Only a good padel racket and a good dose of patience are required. Today we would like to give you some tips to avoid these small mistakes that most players make when begins to play padel. If you are unsure which rules you have to follow when playing padel, we invite you to read more articles in this website.  Often, even those who come from tennis tend to make certain mistakes, on the other hand, nobody has a magic wand with the ability to transform into a professional player. So pay attention to this advices!

by Angel Martínez

SportsClubTour - Founder

A good grip is the best start

One of the most important changes in padel that beginners must to consider is the padel grip, change the grip position to the CONTINENTAL.

Probably one the hardest things to learn when you are a beginner, because the player is forced to change the angle of the racket and hitting in different way that he is to but be patiente, this can take time and some frustrating moments.

So get use to it as soon as possible to have the continental grip from the start.

You can find more information about how to hold the padel racket in this article.

Coordination is the key to succed in padel

Another beginners mistakes in padel is the coordination, it is a fundamental aspect to be able to hit the ball at the right time and in the right position. Therefore, the movement of the legs to make adjustments and to place us in the perfect place in relation to the ball is very important. When you’re at the beginning, it’s normal to be too close or too far from the ball until we learn to read its trajectory and speed. There is no doubt that one of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced padel players is to hit the ball forward without properly optimizing the direction or strength.

The position on the padel court

The position on the padel court is a important aspect to consider if you want to learn and improve in padel.

A typical mistake in amateur padel players is to play all the shots from the bottom of the court, standing behind the serve line and play every ball that comes from our opponets in the defensive area. To play padel better you have to understand that even if it is a small court and it is easy to return the ball, you have to go to the net to attack and back to defend all the points everytime that is neccesary, understanding this defending and attacking situation is a basic concept that beginners padel players can quickly control it to become a experienced player, but requires determination, concentration and a lot of practice.

Our recommendation: Learn to attack and defend, don’t be afraid to receive the ball in the net. Read this article and learn more tips about how to move in the padel court.

The control and the patience in padel play in our benefit

One of the most common mistakes in playing padel tennis that causes us to send the ball towards the crystal without jumping into the opposite field is that it is knocked back arbitrarily. Hitting the ball is not only about strength, but also about control, balance and planning, knowing where to throw it. In order to play padel tennis properly and to avoid such beginners mistakes, one should pay attention to the rules and the technique, because we want the ball to stay in the field as long as possible. The longer we control the point, the better. Amateurs can easily avoid this mistake by simply training the impact and setback frequently and trying to determine the direction of the stroke. So choose beforehand where the ball should go. In padel, patience and control is everything!.

Footwork first

Another common beginner mistakes in padel that we often see is the use of strength but no control when playing. We often hit the ball from any position without paying attention to the technique and strength of the shot. This can result in the player either not hitting the ball or hitting it too far. So when playing padel tennis, you should practice the movement in combination of the shot. You can find more about it, on the Spanish site, videos with introductions to the movement and hitting of the ball.

Bend your knees!

It’s natural to see beginners hit the ball without bending the knees. Even in the lower balls, they tend to bend their backs rather than their knees. It is therefore important to understand how this leg movement enables us to perform each action more precisely and quickly. So it is very important, also for your health, that you bend your knees while playing paddle.

Video - Don´t be a ball watcher

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