Angel Martínez

Tennis & padel coach and founder of Sports Club Tour

From an early age I discovered that I was passionate about sports, specially for tennis and padel. At 18 years old I started teaching tennis in the local tennis clubs in my hometown Fuengirola (Spain), starting coaching with club players and children of all ages and levels.

Over time I dedicated myself to training competitive players and decided to try to travel and work with players from other countries and diferent cultures, specifically in Sweden and Denmark , working in clubs like Salk TK, Gustavsberg TK, Fair play or Malmö bellevue TK in Sweden and Kgs. Lyngby TK and Holte TK in Denmark among many other clubs, leaving behind in each club great friendships, professionals and big promises of this sport.

Today I have decided to start a new stage with the sport that I love, offering anyone to participate in the trips where I put all my effort to create new experiences and show my culture.

Professional experiences

Lew Hoad Tennis Club – 2001/04

Tennis Group Academy – 2007/08 

Salk Tennisklubb – 2010/11

GTK Gustavsberg Tennisklubb – 2013

Fair Play Tennisklubb – 2013/14

Lyngby Tennisklub – 2014/16

Malmö Bellevue Tennisklubb –  2017

Tennis Group Academy – 2018

Are you planing to visit la Costa del Sol? Would you like to train with a professional tennis coach?

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