Padel Americano

One of the characteristics that makes padel so popular is the ease and sociability of the game itself, it does not require great skills to enjoy a good game but sometimes the more enthusiasts find problems when it comes to finding another partner to play, even a single player, surely you are familiar with Facebook groups where players are sought for a game in your club, and this is where the popularity of padel americano is born, where it is not essential to find your own partner to play, you can organize a good afternoon of matches with everyone who join to the event and with the addition of the capacity to obtain results individually and being able to take the single credit of your victory over all the players. 

This type of tournaments or matches are generally organized by a leader of the club, that is in charge of establishing the schedule and the number of courts, depending on the volume of participants. This work is usually laborious, but seeing it from a positive side, a single person can organize a large group of players facilitating access to the world of padel to many fanatics.


The main premise of the American padel is that each player will play with the same partner only once in the entire event, to understand well what we are talking about, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of this game:

The padel americano game has an individualized game profile, even if it is played with a partner as a team, since the results will be measured individually in the results table, and here is the key to the popularity of this game mode, obtaining individual results playing as a team.


The participation of players in this type of matches or tournaments is usually between 8 and 16 players but it can also be less and greater than this number.


The duration of the event is usually from a single day about 2 or 3 hours approximately, although if you have a high participation it also offers the possibility of playing on several days and even distributing it in a league over a predetermined time.


There are two ways to count points on padel americano:

1. It is about playing a predetermined number of points per game (for example 31 points) the team that takes the most number of points will be the winner of the match, although being the winner or loser of the is irrelevant, since each point counts in your individual classification, the key in this game mode is to get as many points as possible, it will not be the same to win 30 to 1 than 16 to 15.

2. Playing an ordinary match to 3 sets, in this game mode what will count mainly in the results table is the number of sets won, in case of ties the number of lost sets of the players who are tied will be counted and vice versa with the results of the games of each match.


Depending on the number of players that are going to participate in the event, there should be a number of courts or another, but as a general rule there should be one court for every 4 players:

4 – 6 players: 1 court

8 -10 players: 2 courts

12 – 14 players: 3 courts

16 – 18 players: 4 courts

20 – 22 players: 5 courts

24 – 26 players: 6 courts …


The key to be victorious in padel americano will not only be in your own technical and tactical skills that you have as a player, but it will also be in the ability to adapt, organize and coordinate with your teammate that you will find in each match, knowing how to get the best of each one of them will be essential to emerge victorious.


1. Set the date, number of participants and the game mode in which the tournament will be held.

2. Establish the duration of the event.

3. Organize the prize table (if any)

4. Book the necessary number of courts.

5. An excel or program with the distribution table of players and matches.

At the end of this article we put at your free disposal the game tables that we use in for the padel americano matches in SportsClubTour padel camps.

Do not hesitate to comment on any tip or improvement that you can see in the templates, keeping them updated will make it easier for other users to enjoy a higher quality material.

The templates are in excel format, both for PC and Android and for Apple’s IOS.


We have simplify the template to the maximum so you only need to fill in the blank boxes to make the game box work perfectly.

In each excel template you can find the EVENT NAME box, where you can give the name of the event you want, DATE indicating the game date, the PARTICIPANTS box in which when registering the names of the participants the template will mix players automatically, where the next thing to do is filling in the boxes with the results.

Once the games are over, next to each player’s box will appear the final ranking and objective information of each one of them, in which the winners can be obviate, in case of a tie, the program offers other game results such as lost sets and the average of games won and lost, where it will be easier to find a clear winner.

The operation is simple and I hope it will be a great help for your next events.

Angel Martínez, SportsClubTour founder.


Score system: POINTS
Number of players: 8
Score system: POINTS
Number of players: 12
Score system: POINTS
Number of players: 16
Score system: SET
Number of players: 8
Score system: SET
Number of players: 16
Score system: POINTS
Number of players: 10

Thanks, Leo Thørgesen.

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